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Meditation instructions together with a timer to aid practice.

Meditation is an effective way to remove stress from daily life. The health benefits of meditation are increasingly being recognized by scientific research. It would also be possible to gain better concentration and achieve the best results in whatever we wish to do.

Life in the modern age is increasingly stressful. Although we have great advances in technology and material comforts, peace and happiness can often be elusive.


Download Meditation App

This app provides guidance, motivation, and inspiration to seriously take up meditation for health and well-being.

Babaji is a meditation Master who received the Jangama Dhyana meditation technique from Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, one of India’s greatest spiritual giants. After decades of devoted service to his Guru, Babaji completed an intense period of unbroken meditation known as Tapas for five years.  He now teaches this same meditation technique to all those interested.

  • Meditation instructions together with a timer to aid practice
  • Talks from Babaji on meditation and spiritual matters including transcripts and audio and video recordings
  • A selection of inspirational quotes to motivate a daily meditation practice
  • News and events on current local meditation sessions
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